While we were at the American Girl store at Tyson’s today we got to see some of the new summer releases from AG. Most of them will not be online for another week or so and I know I didn’t get pictures of all the new stuff. Here are some of my favorites:

Kanani's Party Dress

Kanani’s Party Dress is a pretty blue velour burn out skirt with silver embroidery. It comes with silver shoes and a braided silver headband. My daughter loved this dress and as you can see, she chose to buy it with her own money.

American Girl number 53

This is one of the new My American Girl dolls – number 53.  She has a very sweet face and because her hair is shorter and straight, I think she is going to be very popular.

My American Girl 54 and 55

My American Girl dolls 54 and 55  – not sure which one I like more – they are both cuties!

Bitty Babies

The Bitty Baby options sure have grown since the early days of American Girl. The Redhead Bitty is just precious.

New Redhead Bitty Baby

See what I mean? The Redhead Bitty is just too cute for words!

Watches for AG dolls

In addition to all the other fun accessories for the dolls, now your doll will never be late for a tea party! Well, if she wears one of the new watches, that is!

I promise, there are more pictures to come! Keep checking back over the weekend. And if anyone goes to the Tyson’s store this weekend and wants to share the photos you take, feel free to email them to me at share@dolldiaries.com.