I just LOVE it when our readers send photos of the wonderful things they have made for their dolls! Sarah sent in a few photos of accessories they made for Kaya and they are just amazing! I have actually emailed her back asking if she would share a tutorial or two on how she made them.

Handmade Cradleboard for Kaya doll

This is a cradleboard for Kaya’s doll or for a baby to be carried in.

Handmade Cradleboard for Kaya doll

And here is the cradleboard with a “doll” in it.

Homemade Tepee for American Girl dolls Kaya

How amazing is this Tepee??? I tried making a tepee this summer and failed miserably.

Handmade Kaya dress

Kit looks adorable in her “deerskin” outfit.

Handmade basket for Kaya

And I love this little handwoven basket, too.

Sarah, it is evident that a whole lot of love and creativity went into this! They turned out amazing and I am so glad you shared them with us!