UPDATE – Not everyone agrees that this method is best. I have also had very good success just using WATER!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “how can I tame the frizzies in my doll’s hair?” A pretty common technique is to give your doll a “Downy Dunk” – where you wash your dolls’ hair, then soak it for an extended time in Downy fabric softener. The results of a Downy Dunk on an American Girl doll can be amazing!! However, the Downy Dunk process is time consuming and doesn’t need to be done very often.

I was asking around and more than one experienced doll collector gave me the same basic tip – put two tablespoons of liquid Downy fabric softener in a spray bottle of water and just spritz your doll’s hair with the softener solution any time you need to give her a touch up or even if she needs some major work. We tried this today on a bunch of our dolls and I am super happy with the results!

fix doll hair frizzies

Here is American Girl Kailey – she was the girl of the year in 2003. We got Kailey last summer when one of Megan’s friends decided to sell her doll collection. Kailey was in pretty good condition, but she has lived life to the fullest and her hair tells the tale!

fix doll hair frizzies

You can see Kailey is a mess! I sprayed her hair with the softener and water mixture and worked section by section, combing it out from the bottom to the top. It took plenty of patience and I had to keep spritzing as I worked but I am SO happy with the result.

how to fix frizzy doll hair

WOW! Doesn’t Kailey look amazing now? Her hair is so much smoother, so much softer and easy to brush through now.

how to fix frizzy doll hair

Kailey’s shine is back!!

tips for making doll hair look new again

I was so happy with how Kailey’s hair turned out, I decided to give some of the other girls a touch up. Apologies for the bad photo – I used my iPhone and the lighting was not fabulous. So from left to right – Julie got her hair touched up and then braided; Nicole (our very first AG) looks so much better now – she really needed the Downy spray; Alex’s curls were pretty dried out and frizzy so the spray really helped her look; then the fabulous new and improved Kailey; and then Nicki is on the end and her long curly hair was just so happy to get the treatment, too!

Let me know if this helps or works for you! Happy doll hair styling!