Everyone has been saying the the new American Girl of the Year for 2012, McKenna, looks a lot like the MyAG #39. My daughter got the MyAG #39 for Christmas and one of her best friends just got McKenna this week. She brought McKenna over today for a quick photo shoot before swim practice.

American Girl #39 compared to McKenna

Once I got to hold McKenna and stand her next to Calista (MyAG #39), I immediately saw more differences than anything else.

  • McKenna’s skin tone is paler than MyAG #39
  • They have different face molds
  • Their mouths are completely different

American Girl doll McKenna and MyAG #39 from the back

The color of their hair is definitely similar, but I think McKenna’s is a little lighter – and much longer than Calista’s.

American Girl dolls MyAG #9 and McKenna

From the side you can really see the differences in their faces – especially in the cheeks, chin and mouth. Yes, they both look like the come from the same doll family, but each one is unique – just like every one of us!

Now that Natalie has seen McKenna I would be surprised if she doesn’t start saving for her, too! We may just have to take another trip to the American Girl store later in the year and pick out that perfect McKenna. In the mean time, the rest of our dolls are having a blast working out on McKenna’s bars and beam. Look for more photos tomorrow!