Have you ever heard the saying, “great minds think alike?” Well, both Karen (our trusty craft editor) and I both decided to learn to knit this year – without even talking to each other about it first. How cool is that? And it seems that we both had the same first project in mind, too – doll scarves.

First, I’ll show you Karen’s finished product:

knitted doll scarf

You can read about her New Year’s Resolutions and get updates on her knitting here. But don’t Chrissa and Saila look adorable – and warm?

I decided to teach myself how to knit, too, and have been using the book by Klutz called Knitting: Learn to Knit Six Great Projects. It comes with yarn, knitting needles, a crochet hook, a button and an instruction book. The pictures and instructions are pretty easy to follow and I was able to pick it up quickly. I used their needles and yarn for my first practice piece but for my first project I bought some fun, thick, pink yarn.

Doll scarf

Calista was happy to model my finished project, however it is too big for her! The yarn was fun to work with, but it is too thick for a doll scarf I think. And I made the scarf longer than it needed to be for an 18″ American Girl doll. So I went on a search for a better model.

Knitted scarf for Build a Bear

The pink poodle from Build-a-Bear Workshop was glad to model and the scarf fits her great!! She says she’ll keep it. Plus it is so cozy and warm for a windy February night.

I am looking forward to seeing what Karen makes next and I am ready to try learning the next steps of purling and following a pattern, too.