Julie and Ivy have Popcorn

Back in Julie’s day they didn’t have microwave popcorn, they would buy something called Jiffy Pop (you can still buy it at the store) and either pop it on the stove top or over a campfire in the summer. It was basically a disposable pie plate filled with popcorn kernels and covered with an expanding tin foil lid. As the popcorn popped the foil dome would expand and when it was done you opened the top to eat the popcorn. You can see our Julie and Ivy are sharing some Jiffy Pop popcorn in Julie’s room. It is from Julie’s Room Accessories from American Girl.

One of our readers, Sharry, just did her first doll craft tutorial on YouTube and shows us how to make our own doll sized Jiffy Pop popcorn out of Crayola Model Magic. I think Sharry’s Jiffy Pop turned out fantastic! Watch it on YouTube or just click below and watch it here.

What do you think? I’m impressed! Nice work Sharry!