You just have to love a company that sends you goodies out of the blue!! Natalie has been playing on the Springfield Collection website on and off for a while now and apparently she has got a few points along the way!Β

A package arrived today from addressed to Natalie. She opened the package and found a cute pair of black and white tennis shoes. Her Springfield doll Olivia was very happy to get them!

Springfield Doll Shoes

What do you think? I think they are pretty cute!Β 

At least one other Doll Diaries reader got a package from today – Delaney and her package contained a pair of glasses for her doll.Β 

The SFStyleClub is an interactive mini site specifically for girls to play online. They can mix and match clothes from the Springfield Collection and have their favorite Springfield doll model it online, they can send e-cards, play games and do activities, too. The new Springfield outfits in stores also have a scratch off area that will reveal a secret code you can use to earn more points, too. There doesn’t seem to be a certain point level you have to be at to get a prize, but it seems like every so often they send out surprise gifts all at once to their members. Definitely a great way to make a little girl’s day!