Finally… I decided I just had to get some sewing done today and I did. For some reason, our BFC Ink doll Addison was the lucky girl again and got a new top. To get warmed up, I picked an easy pattern – the Bandeau Top from Liberty Jane Patterns:

Liberty Jane patterns

See the big EASY button – Liberty Jane is kind enough to let us know what we are getting into before we start and today was an easy kind of day.

I picked out a cute fabric with some purple in it to match Addison’s purple jeans, then I cut out the pattern and cut out the fabric.

The pattern was so easy to follow! Liberty Jane does such a great job making their patterns clear by using more photos than needed and instructions that even a 10 year old can follow.

Liberty Jane Pattern for BFC Ink

Tada! Addison loves her new top! Next time I make this pattern I may try using a knit fabric rather that the woven but I like how this one turned out.

Thanks again Liberty Jane, that was just the kind of project I needed today. See that stack of fabric? Maybe I should make the American Girl dolls or Ellowynes some new things, too, this weekend.