UPDATE: A new historical doll is on its way. According to American Girl, girls who are on the 25th anniversary cruise will be introduced to the new historical doll:

New Historical Character Event
Your girl can be one of the first to enjoy this in-depth introduction to the newest addition to our historical character line. The event gives girls the chance to discover more about the stories, find out what it was like growing up in that time, and create crafts inspired by the era. For guests ages 8 and up.

So, does that mean those on the cruise will be the first to have the opportunity to buy her? Will she be released in time for Christmas 2011? Or will they be getting a sneak peak for the doll to be released in 2012? What do you think?


From my original post:

Between one of our reader’s (Libby) tip and some research of my own, I have found a little bit of info on a possible American Girl historical doll release set for June 2011.

From illustrator Christine Kornacki’s website:

05/13/09 08:25 PM
Though my updates have been few and far between lately, don’t be alarmed. These lack of updates are not due to a lack of work. In fact, they are due to a surplus. For the past seven months, I have been working on a long term freelance job with the one and only American Girl Company. I am in the process of Illustrating not only my first book, but my first series of books! The details are very hush hush at the moment. But I can tell you, its going to be BIG. I still have another six months of painting before the project is finished, and the books are set to be released in June 2011. I’ll give you more info when I can. In the meantime, I’m sorry for the lack of new paintings being posted on here. Keep an eye out, though, new stuff is on the way.

And from a discussion board (less reliable):

My son and his girlfriend are “models” for adult characters in an upcoming American Girl book featuring a new doll in 2011. Their friend is the illustrator for a few of the upcoming books-a project she has been working on for over a year! From what they tell me(its super “hush=hush”) -its a Western theme book/Doll

So, what do you think? Is this Denise or Sarah? Or have you found out anything more in your research?

I’d like to remind everyone that none of this has been confirmed and there is no way of knowing whether the message board post is credible or related to the announcement from the illustrator.