A few weeks ago we heard the announcement that Maplelea Girls – the dolls Canada – have a new doll coming out September 20, 2011. Since we have quite a few Maplelea Girl collectors and doll owners on Doll Diaries I decided to go to the source and see what kind of scoop I could get! Now these hints will be released via email sometime this week, but we have been given permission to share them with the Doll Diaries readers first!

What we know about the new Maplelea Girl:

  • She has a pet with four legs.
  • Some of her clothing reflects her family’s proud heritage.
  • She lives on an island (in Canada, of course).

Any guesses??

I can’t wait to meet the newest Maplelea Girl and learn more about her heritage and her Canadian life! She will be available for pre-order at Maplelea.com on September 20, 2011 and will ship as early as September 30.