Adora Dolls sells a line of 18″ dolls called 4-Ever Friends and I visited their booth at Toy Fair. In doing research before I went, I found the most adorable outfit for dolls on their site – its called Panda and I couldn’t help but think it would be perfect for our Maplelea doll Saila. I ordered the outfit and when it came, I was right, it was perfect… almost.

Adora Panda Outfit

Saila is wearing the Panda outfit from Adora which is super cute on her. It consists of the sleeveless polkadot dress that has a black pleated skirt, pink and black striped jacket, black and white shoes, tights, fuzzy leg warmers and a furry panda hat. The whole outfit is fun and because there are so many pieces to it, you could have fun mixing and matching the pieces with other outfits. The only problem we had with this outfit was the tights. There was NO WAY they were even coming close to fitting Saila in the length. So, I just cut them toe seam out and used them as leggings – then they fit perfectly.

Maplelea Saila

Saila met our MyAG #39 Calista for some ice cream at the Ice Cream Shoppe by American Doll Houses.

I am hoping to get one of the Adora 4-Ever Friends 18″ dolls soon so I can compare them to our other 18″ dolls. I have a feeling they may be slightly thinner and their legs may be slightly shorter, but I can not confirm that yet. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. Either way, their clothes do fit American Girl, Maplelea and Springfield dolls for the most part. The only issue I had was the tights – and that is not a showstopper!

Maplelea Saila

And a close up of the Panda Outfit without the hat. What do think? Isn’t Saila just perfect for this outfit? She is probably going to have to share it with Ivy though.