Happy day after St. Patrick’s Day! I will be announcing the winners from the 40 Shades of Green Photo Event later tonight, but in the mean time, here are some of the great reader photos I have received this week. Enjoy!

American Girl Fashion Show outfit

Madelon and her daughter went to an American Girl Fashion Show in November and while they were there, they bought this adorable outfit which is exclusive to the fashion shows. Very cute!!

American Girl Dolls

Gretchen’s Josefina (in Emily’s holiday dress) and Aj (always lowercase j, in a unknown red dress) look like the best of friends.

American Girl dolls

Alicia’s dolls – from left to right is Chrissa, Julie, McKenna and Marisol.


Chloe’s doll Candie is hugging the owl pillow her mom made for her – the owl’s name is Owly.

American Girl Doll Collection

Kristi’s daughters  took a day trip to AG Place Tyson’s Corner.  When the girls got back home, they decided to try and capture a picture of all their American Girl dolls, old and new.  My girls and my sister would love if you could share this photo on your site! In the picture: Top row from left to right: MyAG “Jordan, GOTY Nicki, Molly, Ruthie, and MyAG “Amelia”, Bottom row from left to right:  Kit, Emily, Addy, Ivy, GOTY McKenna, Kirsten, GOTY Mia, GOTY Kanani, JLY “Molly” and Rebecca. Some of the dolls still have their spa outfits on from the store.
Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this week! If you have photos of your dolls that you would like to share, please email them to me at share@dolldiaries.com.