It’s no fooling, I think you all are great and I love being able to share the photos you take of your dolls with everyone!!

Alicia made McKenna a dress using the My Froggy Stuff video and her favorite old skirt. Looks great if you ask me.

Madelon’s daughter Emily took two of her dolls with her to a weekend away at the Greenbrier. There is a neat toy store there too and it just so happens they came back with a new friend…

Adora Brownie Doll vs American Girl Doll

Meet Lily! Emily brought home Adora’s Lily as a Brownie Girl Scout and here she is with Lanie planting a tree in the backyard.

Hayley got this outfit off eBay and it’s a replica of Samantha Middy Dress. The only thing that’s different from the original is that the original had something on the sleeve and four buttons on the skirt part and the tam has a little white string on it so it stays on and the original doesn’t .

Adora Lily

Oh I LOVE photos like this!! And with it came a note from Christine that reads, “Here’s a photo of my daughter, Joelle, with her new Girl Scout Adora Doll, Lily. Thanks again for sharing this great contest on facebook! My daughter is now 12, but loves her dolls more now than she did when she was 8 or 9! You should have seen how excited she was when I surprised her with the doll. Huge smile on her face .” I am SO glad a Doll Diaries reader won!!

Chloe took advantage of a beautiful spring day to spend it outside with her dolls. Nicki loved just lounging on the swing.

Madelon bought this adorable dress off Ebay for Emily’s doll. She is definitely ready for Easter now!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Reader Photo Spotlight, here are the basics:

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