While we haven’t ordered the McKenna doll yet, we did order her gymnastics equipment and a few outfits. I haven’t even had a chance to photograph it all, but I did get a quick video of my girls creating bar routines for the dolls.

In their video, Gwen is performing while Sonali cheers her on. They are both wearing long retired American Girl leotards. Watch on YouTube or click below to watch.

At $85, this set is definitely worth the money! The bar has a metal base, wooden feeling bar and authentic styling. The doll has grips that clip on to the bar so she can do front hip circles, free hips, cast handstands and other skills just like the real gymnasts do. There is a sturdy pink balance beam and a lime green wedge mat and the mat that can go under her bars, beam or be used alone.

This set will keep any little gymnast entertained for HOURS – trust me! They will practice being the coach, perfect their doll’s routines, create new and unique skills that only dolls can do and oh, so much more.

More photos of this set and the other items that arrived today will be posted throughout the week.