As most of you know there was a whole lot of shakin’ going on yesterday – especially if you live in the Washington DC metro area. The 5.8 magnitude earthquake certainly caused some excitement and while there has been some structural damage in the area – like cracks in one of the columns of the parking garage next to the American Girl store at Tyson’s Corner – there have been no reports of major damage.

We live about 30 miles north of the epicenter of yesterday’s quake and I just happened to be at the gym video taping my older daughter learning a new floor routine for gymnastics when the earthquake started. I was standing on the top row of some small bleachers with the video camera going when everything started shaking, it got so loud in the building and we really didn’t know what was going on. When we got home and did a quick inspection of things – no major damage, but things that were on the front wall of the house were crooked or had fallen down.

The six AG mini dolls had fallen off their shelf – well, except for Addy, who we know is just one tough cookie!

But the girls on the armoire stood strong. They were on an interior wall and were at a different angle from the minis.

I hope all the Doll Diaries readers (and dolls) on the east coast are safe – and those in Colorado who had an earthquake too – and are ready for a wet weekend as Hurricane Irene comes up the coast.