My very talented artist friend, Jen from 100 Directions, is at  it again! She has created a set of mini Valentine’s and decorations just for us – we are very lucky!! 

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing some love with friends and family. So we can’t possibly leave out our favorite doll friends! So, this month I’ve created a fun little Valentine printable set so you can make Valentine’s cards, a mini Valentine’s Day gift bag AND a sweet candy Valentine’s Day banner. The whole set is playing on the theme of candy hearts with cute messages I hope you love. Your dolls can decorate and share sweet messages with each other!

Valentine printables for dolls

There’s also a few extra candy hearts you can use to decorate notes or even include in your special Valentines for friends.

Making the Valentine’s cards is super simple. Here’s how:

  • Download and print out the Mini Valentine’s page as a PDF file.
  • Cut out the block with all the cards in it.
  • Fold it in half down the middle and glue the two sides together (glue sticks work best).
  • Then cut out each card, trim the edges so they look nice and then fill out the “to” and “from”.
  • For a little extra bling, add some glitter to your cards

That’s it!

Now go over to Jen’s site to get another printable, directions on how to make the mini bag, candy wrappers and other goodies to go with this set!

Jen’s Mini Valentine Decor and Printables post.

Thank you SO much Jen – these are just so sweet!