On Thursday we get to go see Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE at the theater in a special pre-screening showing. Can you say EXCITED??? I think I am more excited about the movie than the kids are.

I was sent some printable BRAVE activities to share with my readers – so print away and get your BRAVE on, too!

Printable Brave maze activity

Download the printable BRAVE maze as a PDF file.

Printable BRAVE Merida Queen Elinor characters to cut out

Download the printable BRAVE character cut outs as a PDF file.

BRAVE Coin Archery Game

Download the printable BRAVE Coin Archery game as a PDF file.

These printables would be the perfect addition to a BRAVE birthday party or pre-movie party, too.

Ellowyne Wilde as Merida

Even our Raw Edges Ellowyne is excited for the movie BRAVE!! She is already dressed and hoping we will take her to the movie with us. Her hair is getting there but it’s not quite right yet – hopefully by Thursday it will have that true Merida feel to it. Right now she looks like a grown up version of Merida.