UPDATED! The American Girl Caroline Abbott book covers and additional items have been added at Amazon.

Caroline’s Boxed Set with Game

Meet Caroline - American Girl

Meet Caroline! Book 1

American Girl Caroline's Secret Message
Caroline’s Secret Message – Book 2

American Girl A Surprise for Caroline
A Surprise for Caroline – Book 3

American Girl Caroline Takes a Chance
Caroline Takes a Chance – Book 4

American Girl Caroline's Battle
Caroline’s Battle – Book 5

Changes for Caroline American Girl
Changes for Caroline – Book 6

American Girl Caroline Abbott Mini Doll


Caroline Mini Doll

Caroline's Play Scenes and Paper Dolls

Caroline’s Play Scenes & Paper Dolls: Decorate rooms and act out scenes from this character’s stories!

Caroline's Color and Craft

Caroline’s Color & Craft

Just added – here areΒ even more photos of Caroline from the catalog that is about to be released.

Here is a photo of Caroline Abbott from the American Girl Facebook Page:

American Girl Caroline Abbott

American Girl Caroline

UPDATE 6/5/2012 – According to multiple reports from the BookExpo Caroline’s year is 1812 – the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.Β  That makes sense based on the outline of her dress making it from the Regency style of clothing that was popular during that time (think high waist, simple design).

UPDATE 5/14/2012 – American Girl posted on their Facebook page today that the new historical character for 2012 will be named Caroline Abbott along with the image below:

American Girl Historical Character Caroline Abbott

And here is the cover of her craft book:

Caroline Color and Craft book

Obviously no photo of her but the flower basket is interesting.

American Girl Historical Character Caroline 2012

Updated!! It’s official. There will be a new American Girl Historical character added in 2012. Like previous historical releases, the new doll looks like she will be debuting around September 1, 2012.

One of our readers (thanks to Priya) found an American Girl Caroline book at a used bookstore and snapped a photo of the back cover with the other bookcovers on it:

The Caroline Abbott series of books by Kathleen Ernst are:


Love those Doll Diaries sleuths – like Jenny – who find the coolest clues to American Girl scoop going!! Thank you.

Possible American Girl 2012 scoop

According to the Transatlantic Literary Agency website, Kathleen Ernst has a set of 6 books in the works for American Girl to be released in 2012. How interesting!! And they are supposed to be historical – even more interesting!

Kathleen Ernst has authored many of the American Girl mysteries and has written other history-based stories for young adults. Some of her titles include:

Now, we just have to patiently wait for more clues as to who the new girl will be!