We always love it when our readers share their doll collection photos with us. Annie sent in some really great photos of her Playmobil Grand Mansion and a review/tour of it, too.

This is the Playmobil Grand Mansion, mine is displayed with the extension floor, and if you buy the doll house, it only comes with the first, second and fourth floors shown here. The doll house otherwise comes with everything in this photo, but the things on the inside were bought separately. If you add 2 AAA batteries to the house, the doorbell actually works. Doll house will be available in America this summer. It measures 24″L x 17″W x 24″H.

Playmobil Grand Mansion

Now for a tour of the inside…

Playmobil Grand Mansion Dining Room and Kitchen

This is the doll house kitchen, complete with fridge/freezer, sink, coffee machine and everything else you need to make a wonderful kitchen, for play and display! The table, chairs and mat shown in this picture were purchased with the Dining Room set, but everything else came with the Kitchen set.

Playmobil Grand Mansion Music Room

This is the house’s music room, I used the Piano Set and two plants from other sets to make it more interesting and colorful. With 2 AAA batteries, the piano plays two songs when you press the two buttons. The piano set does not coordinate with the doll house line, but I thought it would be a nice touch on the house.

Playmobil Grand Mansion Living Room Set

The Living Room Set shows father and son watching the news in their comfortable living room. With 2 AAA batteries, you can make the fire place light up, then glow and crackle just like a real fire place. Everything shown in this picture is included with the Living Room set, besides the people, puppy and cheese platter on the coffee table, which comes with the Kitchen Set.

Playmobil Mansion Guest Room

Now going to the second floor, the first room is the Guest Room. It’s put together by random pieces I found in my Playmobil boxes, the beds I believe come with the Playmobil My Take Along Dollhouse, as do the night stands. The table and chair came with the Kitchen set, but I decided not to use them in the kitchen. I don’t remember what the laptop or the girl came with.

Playmobil bathroom

Next door to the guest room is the Bathroom. It has everything Playmobil need to get ready for the day, or just wash up. Everything in the room came with the Bathroom set, besides the girl.

Playmobil Master Bedroom

Now moving to the third floor. The Master Bedroom has everything Mom and Dad need in it. The lamps on the bedside tables turn on with 2 AAA batteries, so they can read in bed.

Playmobil Girls Bedroom

Next door is the Girls’ room. This room is a mix of Children’s bedroom, and Baby’s Bedroom sets. The princess bed, desk, chair, shelf, farm toys and play-mat came with the Children’s Bedroom, and the crib, baby rug, changing table, baby toys and baby came with the Baby’s room. The girl didn’t come with either.

Playmobil Grand Mansion attic

Now to the attic, which is converted into two rooms. The first one is the boy’s room, which is made with the other half of the Children’s Room set. The bed, backpack, toy basket, boat, guinea pigs and bookshelf came with the children’s bedroom. The castle, pirate ship, night table, books and boy came are random parts from my collection.

Playmobil Ironing Board Set

Last but not least, The Laundry Room. This set includes everything the mom needs to keep her home clean, and to do her family’s laundry. Everything except the mat and chair came with this set, the mat and chair were included with the kitchen set.

Thanks Annie. WOW!!! What cool dollhouse! One of these days I want to get one of these for my dollhouse collection – but I think I am going to have to wait until I can dedicate an entire room to just dolls and dollhouses! You can find most of the Playmobil sets on Amazon and at higher end toy stores.