Yesterday afternoon I returned home from a visit to my parent’s farm to find lots of new flowers to plant. My husband had gone to the nursery and picked out all sorts of pretty new flowers as a surprise to me. In the front of our house we have an island in the middle of our circular driveway and it is my favorite part of the yard. At the base of one of the tall oak trees there is a hollowed out space that I have decided will be my fairy garden. There is one at my Mom’s farm and I just love it – time to make one of my own.

Harmony Girl Jazzmin offered to help me get the potting soil in the basin at the base of the tree and helped me plant some petunias and deep blue phlox.

Jazzmin knows the little flowers need lots of water to get a great start! Thank goodness we are getting a gentle spring soaking today!

Next step – I need to take a trip to the Plow and Hearth outlet to get a Fairy Door for the base of the tree, some ceramic toadstools and other goodies for my special little garden.

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