Our Generation Kitchen for 18" dolls

The Our Generation Kitchen that you can get at Target is just adorable. Natalie used her pet sitting and Easter money to buy this set earlier this week (it was $60 at Target) and has been playing with it non-stop. She is on Spring Break this week which means more time for dolls, friends and special outings.

Anyhow, I went up to her room last night to see what was going on and this is what I saw. Calista in her jammies enjoying a fruit smoothie (from the AG Breakfast in Bed set) in the kitchen. Natalie is working on a video tour/review of the set that I hope to get posted for you by this weekend.

The quality of the Our Generation sets is not quite what you would get from American Girl or The Queen’s Treasures, but they have different sets – like the laundry room, dressmaking set, bathtub/spa set – that come with a gazillion little accessories which just make them fun, and the prices are so much more affordable! For example, the Our Generation tent set is less than $20 compared to $75 for the American Girl version. The OG bathtub is on sale for $17 right now and the AG bathtub set is $58.

We’re off to the amusement park today, so have a great one and I’ll check in on comments as I can.