One of our readers, Wyn, sent in a super cute photostory for us all to enjoy.

Isabella (MyAG),McKenna (GOTY) and Felicity (Springfield Olivia) are going in a hot-air balloon.

“Hurry up!” said McKenna. “We’re coming!” Isabella shouted back. “This is the coolest thing EVER! I can’t wait to look down at the snow from a hot-air balloon!” Felicity exclaimed.

“WOW!!! This is awesome! I just hope I don’t fall out!!!” said Felicity. “I’ve never been so high!” said McKenna. “Can you give me the map? I want to see where we are.” Β Felicity asked Isabella, who was holding their bag.


“Wow! I see an eagle! Look McKenna!! I should take a picture.” Isabella shouted excited.

“I see our dollhouse on the map!” said Felicity “And our cousins’, Kanani, Emily and Baby Dear.” Meanwhile, Isabella tried to take a perfect picture of the eagle.

Isabella, McKenna and Felicity looked down at the beautiful snow from the hot-air balloon.

Thank you Wyn for sending in your photostory!