My awesome friend Jen came through for us again!! She went to the Jane Kurtz/Lanie book signing event in Denver this past weekend. Not only did she take some great photos, she also sent me some notes about the event.

Lanie Silent Auction

The event started by walking in the door and signing up for a drawing for a Lanie Doll. Then we browsed items that were available through the silent auction. They had American Girl books and services and products from local vendors.

Jane Kurtz books

Then we headed to the book table and purchased 3 books by Jane Kurtz; Rain Romp: Stomping Away a Grouchy Day, Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts and Lanie’s Real Adventures.  All proceeds from the day’s event will go to the non-profit organization

Next it was to the main auditorium area to listen to Jane speak.

Author Jane Kurtz

She gave us some background on her youth. Both of her parents grew up poor and when she was very young her family moved to Ethiopia (I think her dad became a minister and that’s why they moved). They lived in a hut, without a TV. She loves the outdoors and loves camping.

She is the second oldest of 5 kids – 4 girls and one boy. Her brother is also an author and they do some writing together.


She was first asked to write the Girls of Many Lands, Saba book by American Girl. They had two of these retired sets up for auction.

She also said while she was writing Lanie, she had to use a code name for it because American Girl did not want anyone to know the name of the new character, so
she named the project “apple”.

After the main presentation, she answered questions and signed books.

Thanks again to Jen for sharing her photos and notes from the event!