This is part two of Natalie’s photo story. If you missed part one – go read it first.

“Let’s start looking through stuff!” said Blaire.

“Oh mirror! Hello gorgeous. Your looking nice today.” Lillian gushed while she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I want to try this on! Wow look at this headband! Amelia has good taste.”Nicolette said. CRACK! The whole rod of clothes fell leaving a mess!

“Then I was like walking and she was like run – ” Blaire was cut off by the sound of the heavy door opening.

”Ahhhh!” Nicolette screamed. Amelia walked into the room. She gasped and Nicolette fell back into Blaire’s arms.

“Get off , Nicolette!” Blaire said.

“What are you doing here?!?” exclaimed Amelia.

“You left your door unlocked.” said Lillian in a quiet voice.

“That does not mean you come in here!” Amelia yelled. The girls just looked at each other.

“Well where were you?” asked Lillian.

“I was gettig my hair curled!” said Amelia.

“Let’s go, now!” whispered Blaire.

“Wait up you girls!” Amelia said, “Promise me that you will never come back in here without my permission.”

“Fine.” said Blaire and Nicolette.

“Okay!”said Lillian. All of the girls walked away as Amelia played with her messy hair.