Hi girls, Natalie here! Thanks to the snow storm on Wednesday, we have our third day in a row off of school! So while I am enjoying my time off, I have decided to check on the Ellowynes.

“Amelia, are you in here?” asked Blaire as she opened the heavy door to Amelia’s room. The door was unlocked and the room was silent.

As Blaire stepped in to the small room she wondered where her friend was. She saw clothing, glass bottles, mirrors, and a bird cage. Blaire began to snoop around the room. She picked up a blue leotard. She held the hanger up and looked to see if the leotard would fit her. It was too big!

Blaire then pulled her tablet out of her pocket. She emailed her friends.

Dear Ellowynes,

    Amelia has left her door unlocked, again. Come on over to her room! She has a big mirror. 🙂



@glitterandellowynewilde123 @Nicolettelovesya5219 @itsjustLillianthewildeone

“Never fear Lillian is here!” Lillian exclaimed, “Elle couldn’t make it because she didn’t want Houston to steal her spotlight while she was gone. I think Nicolette is coming though. Where is that girl?” Lillian looked around with concern.

“Nicolette has entered the room!” Nicolette said. She walked in with jeans on and a teal shirt. The teal looked nice with her silky red hair. Lillian waved to her and gave her a flashy smile.

“I always lock my door.” Lillian said.

“Me too!” Blaire added.

“I know some people are just so immature.” said Nicolette with a big funny hat on her head.

“So why is there no bird in the cage?” Lillian asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe she didn’t get one yet.” Blaire replied.

“Oh I know! Maybe it flew away!” Nicolette said pleased with herself.

To be continued…