Time for another creative photo story from one of our readers, June! Enjoy.


Olive (JLY#43) and Mia were searching for the perfect picture of a flower for a photo contest. The prize was $100! The problem was they couldn’t find one, so the went to search one more time.

“Hey Mia do you see any here?” asked Olive. “Not here,” replied Mia who looked down and saw something.

“Hey how about this?’ asked Mia picking up a pine cone. “No” said Olive shaking her head, “We’re NEVER going to find a flower it’s not like it will come running at us. . .” Just then Lanie cane running at the shouting “HEY YOU’LL NEVER GUESS!”

Lanie panted and said “I found the prettiest flower it’s tall and yellow” she smiled. Mia dropped her pine cone in surprise. “No way” she said, “Well show it to us!” she said.

Lanie hurriedly shoved them up the stairs and onto the deck. Then the went out front were Lanie proudly presented the large flower.

“Wow” said Olive blinking twice “Whoa, I think I found our picture” “but how are we going to get up there?” asked Mia. “I think I have an idea. . .” said Lanie

The dolls pushed a big rock in front of the flower and Olive got on the top. “Can you get it?” said Mia peering up to get a peek.

The picture was taken and with a stroke of luck Mia and Olive got 1st place. They shared the money with Lanie too.

And all was well in Doll Land.


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