Natalie here! I have been in a creative mood today so I have decided to write a photo story for your enjoyment! So without further ado, I present The Missing Egg.

“Come on in!” exclaimed Ruthie. Chrissa and Hadley walked into Ruthie’s small brick farm house.” Girls! I have not seen you in like forever! Come here, come here!” Ruthie held her arms out ready to hug the girls.” Ruthie! We have not seen you since… Well yesterday,” said Chrissa.” Oh yeah, well that was a whole like 20 hours ago! Now you’re here and ready for the big egg hunt, right?” Ruthie said. “Yeah!”  both girls said.” Okay then go down in the basement while I add some extra candy to each of the eggs. I will call you up when I am done,” Ruthie said and then lightly pushed them towards the steps that lead to the basement.

“I have 16 eggs in here, so that means 8 eggs to each girl. There is one egg in there though that is special. That egg has $20 in it! I will have to hide that egg very hard though.” said Ruthie. “Time to go hide them!”

“I guess I will hide some here in this tree. I will hide the orange and the yellow eggs.” said Ruthie.” Hmm… Where next?”

“Maybe I will put some in this little doll house that Hadley left outside last time she was here. Then I will put some under the little roof!”Ruthie said as she placed the eggs in the house. Then she began to look for another hiding spot.

“Oh I can put some under this patch of grass!”Ruthie said.”Now there is only one more egg… This one needs to be hard to find!”

“I can turn over this basket and tape the egg to the side of the house!” Ruthie flipped the basket over and stood on it. She put tape on the egg and stuck it as high as she could. “Ahh that should do!”

“Okay I better go get the girls and tell them the hunt is on!” Ruthie exclaimed. She ran into a tree on the way back to the house because of the basket on her head.

Stay tuned for part 2 of The Missing Egg