I am going to say OUR MOTTO, because our own Karen is actually the creative mind behind the message on Ivy’s new outfit from etsy seller Mini Me Dolly Diva’s.

Live. Love. Play. With Dolls

Say it with me… “LIVE. LOVE. PLAY. with dolls.”

This super adorable outfit includes a pink longsleeve t-shirt, a cami with the saying Live. Love. Play. with dolls embroidered on it, a black skirt and matching hat, and socks that can be worn as knee highs or pulled up to look like tights. Ivy is wearing a pair of American Girl high-tops for now, but I ordered a cool pair of boots from My Pink Planet for her that I will pick up while I am at Toy Fair this weekend.

Another photo – this time with the hat and I decided that my favorite berry ruffle purse from the American Girl store looks perfect with the outfit. I think the tennis shoes from the same exclusive set would be cute, too.

Thanks Dacia for making this for me!! I love it and now Ivy can be my office mascot!!