Yesterday while we were at Target we took another look at the Play Wonder line of 18″ dolls and clothes. I know they have been out since last fall so I was wondering, has anyone bought anything from the Play Wonder line? Do the outfits work well on other 18″ dolls? At $16.99-ish for an outfit that has quite a few pieces, it seems to be a good value – especially when you consider the mix and match possibilities – I’m just curious about the fit.

Play Wonder doll clothes

This is all our Target had yesterday and based on the thinly stocked shelves, they must be getting ready to start stocking some of the new items I saw from various companies at Toy Fair.

If you have photos of your dolls wearing any of the Play Wonder outfits leave me a link to the photos or email them in to me at – I’d love to see the photos and to get your insight on this line. How is the quality? How about the fit? That kind of stuff!

UPDATE – Here is a photo that Madelon sent in of her daughter’s Play Wonder doll next to American Girl Julie for comparison sake:

Target Play Wonder doll vs American Girl Doll

The Play Wonder doll’s head is much taller and her body is a little slimmer – plus it looks like her feet are made to wear flip flops.