Are you ready for a fun new series on Doll Diaries??? Starting tomorrow I will share the Doll of the Day with you.

Some features of the Doll of the Day series will:

  • be published Monday through Friday from now until I run out of ideas πŸ˜‰
  • feature a doll from our collection, the collection of the Doll Diaries team or invited contributors
  • include key facts about the doll from where to buy, what other lines she can share clothes with, other distinguishing features
  • include a printable doll sized “trading card,” poster and activities

In order to keep things interesting, I have a “rough” schedule planned out (I reserve the right to move this around as needed):

  • Monday – American Girl dolls
  • Tuesday – Midsized dolls (13-16″)
  • Wednesday – Fashion dolls
  • Thursday – Non AG 18″ dolls
  • Friday – Play line dolls

So… what do you think? Any guesses as to who the first doll of the day will be?