Last night while I was taking my older kids and their friends to a  Haunted House, Natalie stayed home and got a mini photography lesson from her Daddy. She has been taking photos of dolls everywhere since. Here are a few of my favorites.

Nicki relaxing on a gorgeous fall morning at the farm when we went over for breakfast.

Nicki wondering when her waffles would arrive.

Nicki getting to know Shannon and Leo, her Grandparents’ dogs.

The always beautiful Lauryce! Nice photo Nat!

Dee showing off the painting of the turtle that she just finished.

Nicolette is getting upset at Lillian for climbing up on life ring. Of course Lillian thinks Nicolette is over reacting.

Oh wow! What a beautiful close up of Ellowyne’s eyes.

I think Natalie did a great job of capturing the fun in Nicki in this photo. She looks ready to play.

And who can resist taking pictures of Fritz the cat off in kitty dreamland?

It definitely looks like my husband taught Natalie a few things about taking photos last night – these are great!