The My Twinn doll line is back and it still has plenty of loyal fans. One of our readers, Lily, has shared some of her My Twinn and American Girl doll photos and descriptions with us – thanks Lily!!

My Twinn Dolls photo

The doll on the far left has the Wendi face mold from the 2003 China era. She has fair skin, light blue eyes, and golden brown hair. She is wearing a hand-smocked dress that was bought on eBay for $25 that included the dress, half-slip, and pantaloons.

The doll in the middle also has the Wendi face mold from the 2008 Virginia era. She has dark brown hair, green-brown eyes, and fair skin. She is wearing a one piece jumper dress from eBay that cost $16 (including shipping). I added the hoop skirt for extra fullness.

The doll on the far right has the Audrey face mold from the 2003 China era. She has very fair skin, blue eyes, and light blond hair. She is also wearing a hand-smocked dress that I bought on eBay for $25 that included the dress, half-slip, and pantaloon.

I like the My Twinn dolls because they’re more lifelike and larger than American Girl dolls at 23″ tall. Finding handmade outfits for them is enjoyable. They’re more expensive than American Girl, but it’s fun to have a doll that looks so much like you. Guess which one is Mini-Lily!

Photo of My Twinn doll and American Girl Kit doll

American Girl Kit and My Twinn Audrey look like sisters in this picture. Again, it was a complete accident that they are wearing similar dresses and look so much alike. In the background is a Seymour Mann Avery doll and to the right of Kit is Molly in her birthday outfit.

Photo of My Twinn dolls wearing colonial dresses along with American Girl Felicity and Elizabeth

Felicity and Elizabeth are posing with their My Twinn counterparts. I custom ordered the My Twinn dresses from an eBay seller who makes girl and doll dresses for AG. They were $15 apiece (not a typo!) and included the dress, hoop skirt, mob cap, and purse. I honestly didn’t intend for the dresses to match Felicity’s and Elizabeth’s; I just happened to like those fabrics.

You can find retired My Twinn dolls, clothes, furniture, accessories and custom outfits on eBay and My Twinn has a new rewards program, too. Get up to $50 in Free Goods! My Twinn The Just Like Me Doll:

***These photos are beautiful, Lily! Thanks for sharing them with us. If you have photos of any of your dolls and want them featured on the site, email them to