Katie from Adollable Dolls and MyInnerStarUStudios on You Tube has taken the time to share a few simple photo editing tips with us today.

doll photography editing tips

You all have probably edited some of your photos just like I do. Filters, crop…..But until recently, I didn’t start using these simple editing tools that will greatly improve a photo simply because it looked to complicated and I didn’t know how to use them. I’ll be using Picmonkey for these edits.

doll photography editing tips

When you’re on Picmonkey you’ll see the basic edits. In that, there will be Exposure and Colors. Let’s take a look at Exposure first. There will be Brightness, Highlights, Shadows, and Contrast.

The Brightness will either brighten up or darken your photo if it’s a bit too dark/bright. Drag the button to the right to lighten and to the left to darken.

Highlights will lighten parts of the photo.

Shadows will darken parts of the photo. I recommend having more highlights then shadows. Contrast will basically add or take away “heat.” I usually don’t use this.

The collage below shows you what the effect looks like. The original photo is in the top left, the top right is brightness, the bottom right is highlights, and the bottom left is shadows.

doll photography editing tips

Now let’s look at Colors. There will be Saturation and Temperature. Saturation will add “life” or color to the photo, mainly your dolls’ skin. It is helpful if the colors in the picture are washed out, but I use this for almost every picture. Drag the button to the right to add color and drag it to the left to take away color.

Temperature will add a reddish glow to the photo if you drag the button to the right and a blue glow if you drag it to the left.

The collage below shows you what the effects look like. The two photos on the left are the originals. The top right is saturation and the bottom right is temperature.

doll photography editing tips

And finally here are all the effects together on the right. Doesn’t that look so much better than the original?

doll photography editing tips

I hope this has been helpful to you. Have a great day! Katie from Adollable Dolls and MyInnerstarUStudios.