DollDiaries reader Kyleigh also got Julie for Christmas. She loves Julie’s hair because it is so silky and fun to brush. Kyleigh also got Kit’s trunk that she loves. Other items she got were Samantha’s bed and wicker chairs (great for tea parties), the doll carrier backpack (great for taking your dolls with you) and she got a bunch of purses for her dolls too.

American Girl Kit trunk and Julie doll

And from another reader who got The Bath and Body Works American Girl Lip Shine set. She got it as a gift exchange gift from a friend.  It came in a cute little red bag that said, “American Girl”, on it and it had a red and orange pom pom keychain on it too.  Inside were three lip shines in little tubes. The flavors were mint, chocolate mint, and orange
mint.  They smell really good, and they make your lips sparkly and shiny!

Kit’s Winter Coat she got from my grandmother on Christmas Eve.  She brought her Elizabeth doll to her house that night and she got to be the first girl to model it.  It is really cute and realistic, but the belt that holds the coat on has a little belt loop that you’re supposed to put the belt through, and it’s really hard to get it through!

She also got the Kit Kittredge Doll.  Kit is pretty, with really short hair and some freckles!  Her hair is easy-to-manage
because it’s so short, but also because of this, you can’t do many hairstyles on her.  She tried pigtails and Kit looked super-adorable! She also got Kit’s Holiday dress.  This dress is awesome looking! It came with two long stockings instead of one, which kind of made it harder to put on.  But the dress itself is easy to put on.  The shoes were kind of tricky to
put on too.  The bow was easy to put on though, and it’s secure.

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