I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE seeing before and after photos of dolls who have been “rescued” from Goodwill, eBay or yard sales and then given a whole new outlook on life. Diana has an amazing talent for finding these dolls to rescue and her “after” photos are just amazing. Here are a few photos from “Diana’s Doll Hospital” this week.

Pleasant Company #4 from online Goodwill arrived today. She had a bath and got her hair brushed and styled.  She is the cousin to Ivy, but thanks to your research I figured out that she is #4 Pleasant Company.  Her hair is a little longer then Ivy’s hair.  Her legs and arms were tight and she cleaned up fairly quickly and has no bad smells.  Great deal for $65.

This is a Madame Alexander “Friends for Life” per the tag on her dress. I found her at the local goodwill this weekend for $4.54.  She had a bath and her hair was styled.  She stands on her own and she came dressed in her original clothes, which I washed and ironed.  She is very pretty and a great find.

These two made friends immediately while at the doll hospital and now they are out enjoying some fun activities.

The many faces of Madame Alexander – Can you guess who they are??

From left to right:  Walmart’s My Life As doll, Target’s Play Wonder doll, Kohl’s Dollie & Me doll, Friends for Life.  They are all Madame Alexander Dolls but here you can see the different face molds used for the different stores. Now the best part is that I have not paid more the $20 for any of them.  Walmart’s doll came with a horse as a set for $40, Target’s Play Wonder was on clearance for $8, Kohl’s was on sale at Christmas for $15, and my last addition is from goodwill for $4.54.

Now this is a slightly different type of rescue – in a way – and let’s just say, Diana has been bitten by the Ellowyne bug!

What is Serendipity? It means an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. I have a knack for Serendipity (also loved the movie) when it comes to dolls.

Three things came together to form the above photo, which was by the way a total accident.

1. Just randomly decided to research Ellowyne (yes I really liked her, but never dreamed of owning her.)  So eBay had her and no one was bidding, so I got her for $62, brand new perfect condition.

2. Finding her the right outfit … I decided to visit the Wilde Imagination website, they had a sale, yes on Serendipity the outfit, perfect color for my new find..and it was meant to be!

3. While on my Goodwill hunt this weekend, I saw a black iron chair, which is really a photo stand (the back of the chair is where you put a picture.) I saw it and instantly envisioned Ellowyne sitting in it.  Total cost $3.53.

Check back throughout the day as I go through my inbox and share some of the cool doll photostories and other interesting finds that have been sent in recently!