We all love seeing dolls who have been well-loved (or maybe not loved enough) get a new lease on life because someone took the time to give them a little extra TLC. One of our readers, Flower, gave her Molly a hair makeover and was nice enough to share with us how she did it. *just a note, though – Flower uses a straightening iron on her doll’s hair and while it is a technique that can be used, please ask permission first and I recommend adult supervision, too! Also, not all doll hair can be used with heat. You should check with the manufacturer before using heat on your doll’s hair.


Hello! My name is Flower and my doll Molly’s hair was crazy!! I am SO happy with the results!!

First I did a downy dunk!! I soaked her for 24 hours!

After that, I rinsed her hair with cold water.

While it was wet I took a ceramic straightener and put it on the lowest heat settings it had!! You do not want it any higher. Then I just flattened her hair quickly!! It not only took the waves out, but the tangled, split ends!!

Afterwards I dressed Molly up in her original clothing. I just didn’t put her necklace, glasses, or hat on. 🙂 I am really happy with the results and now I am not so worried about her hair!!

Thanks for reading!!