First of all, I know we talk A LOT about 18″ dolls on Doll Diaries, but they are not the only dolls we love! Second, I bought MYSELF a doll – yes, there have been others like Felicity and Saila, but this one is different.

Meet Ellowyne…

Ellowyne Wilde doll

Isn’t she gorgeous? Ellowyne is a 16″ articulated doll from Wilde Imagination designed by Robert Tonner. She is definitely more of a collector doll – I certainly would not hand her to an 8 year old to play with. However, she is the perfect doll for a junior collector – say 13 and up. She has the face of a young lady – again a girl of 13-20ish I would say – and I think that is one of the reasons I am so drawn to her right now. She reminds me of my daughter Megan in many ways – the long blonde hair, bluish gray eyes, the sense of fashion, the curious yet I know what I want look on her face – they are so much alike.

Ellowyne Wilde and American Girl Minis

Here is a photo of Ellowyne in my younger daughter’s room meeting some of the American Girl dolls – specifically all the Limited Edition 25th Anniversary mini dolls. I don’t think Elle knows what to make of them.

Ellowyne Wilde

Elle seems much more relaxed in Megan’s room among the nail polish, make up and things that are pink, gray and black! I think they will eventually become really good friends, although for now Elle is going to live in my office.

I took a bunch of photos of Ellowyne, taking her out of her box and of her getting to know her surroundings. I made it into a quick video if you are interested in seeing more photos of Elle.

Don’t worry, I still love our 18″ play dolls, but Ellowyne is something new, different and for ME!