Corolle Les Cheries

Long ago, long before we had a single American Girl doll, there was a little blond ballerina that was cherished like no other in this house. Her name was Judy and she was from Corolle. Somewhere along the way Judy got lost but her signature vanilla scent was not forgotten.

On July 4th we discovered a doll store in our town and were happy to see they had a large collection of Corolle dolls. Yesterday Natalie and I took a little “field trip” back to that store and this time, the urge to bring a Corolle doll home to our collection could not be ignored. This is Camille, a Les Cheries doll who is just about 14″ tall – about the size of a Hearts for Hearts doll.

Camille came dressed in a winter outfit consisting of ear muffs, boots, long pants, long sleeves and a puffy vest. Seeing as it was 102 degrees in the shade here, we decided she needed something more comfortable. Hearts for Hearts Girl Lauryce gladly gave her meet dress to her new friend to try on. I think it looks adorable on Camille!

Anyhow, these photos are not the best as they were taken in bad lighting with my iPhone. I will post more photos, including some side by sides of Camille and the dolls we have that are similar in size to her.

Have a great evening!