The Canadian doll company, Maplelea Girls, introduced a new pet today, Alexi’s cute little Bengal kitten named Chapta.

Maplelea dolls pet Chapta

When Alexi is not home to pet his soft fur, cute and loveable Chapta loves to curl up in his warm cozy house and take a nap. He is one very smart Bengal cat who has learned to ring his bell whenever he wants food or water!

Chapta measures approximately 4.5” from paw to top of head and 5” from tail to nose and can sit and stand. You can purchase Chapta on the Maplelea website for $20.

Maplelea Alexi and Chapta

Alexi taking Chapta for a walk in his carrying basket. Chapta looks awfully comfortable in there!

Maplelea Alexi and Chapta

Time for some cuddles! Alexi and Chapta are great friends!

So did Chapta look like you thought he would?