Here we are at Shooting Star Academy where McKenna and her teammates train… McKenna is not here today because she has an appointment with the doctor to see if her cast is ready to come off! (Ok, so I am totally making this up, but I needed a lead in for sharing the photos of McKenna’s gymnastics equipment with you!)

American Girl McKenna's Gymnastics Equipment

McKenna’s gymnastics equipment set comes with the bright pink balance beam with metal “feet” to keep it from tipping over. It also comes with a single training bar that has a metal base and is very accurate for what the girls would train single bar skills and basics on in gymnastics practice like McKenna. There are snap on grips so your doll can do cool tricks around the bar (watch our video of Gwen doing her bar routine to see how it works) and a green wedge mat so the girls can practice their conditioning, do rolls, and all sorts of other cool things. The light pink mat in the photo does not come with this set – it is from the retired American Girl Rhytmic Gymnastics set.

American Girl doll gymnastics practice

Sonali is practicing her “hollow” shape so she can make her “free hip circle” better. Alex is being coached by the famous Olympic Coach “Olivia Springfieldsky” on her forward stride circle on bars which is in her Level 4 routine.

American Girl doll gymnastics practice

Coach Kanani is giving Gwen tips on sticking her cartwheel on the beam, starting with “you need to turn your hips so they point to the end of the beam.”

The girls are wearing retired American Girl leotards and warmups. I picked up all the purple set when they were on clearance for $5 a set a few years ago.

We absolutely love this set and highly recommend it if you are adding McKenna to your collection or if you have a gymnastics fan in the house.