The very first movie I saw in a movie theater was Star Wars – way back in 1977 (gasp!) and I remember going because my younger brother wanted to see it (who by the way, ended up being a HUGE Star Wars fan, and still is today). Today, May 4th, has become known as Star Wars Day. 

Our Kanani let me put her hair up in two iconic side buns just like Princess Leia wore and then went searching on my computer for some fun Star Wars images. She seemed to like the Lego version best.

N from PaperDollWorld asked earlier in the week if she could send in some of her paper dolls celebrating the Fourth, too. I hope you enjoy them.

Quinn as R2D2, Juliet as Padme Amidala, and Violet as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Perrin as Han Solo and Violet’s dog Sam as Chewbacca (isn’t he a little short for a Wookie?).

Happy Star Wars Day – “May the Fourth be with you!”

Are your dolls doing anything special today?