Last year everyone’s favorite fashion doll, Barbie, celebrated her 50th “birthday” in true fashion style. There were events, new fashions, and a lot of media attention on the landmark year. But this year, it is all about the boys. Barbie’s “boyfriend” Ken is now 50 and Mattel is having some serious fun with it!

Let’s start with a brief history lesson (adapted from the site):

  • In the Spring of 1961 Ken first met Barbie on the set of a commercial.
  • Throughout the next few decades Ken was always considered Barbie’s leading man, even starring in 10 movies together.
  • On Valentine’s Day 2004 Barbie and Ken broke up – needing to spend some time apart. I don’t think Ken ever got over it.
  • In the Spring of 2010 Ken reemerged with a starring role in ToyStory 3.
  • Now entering his 50s, Ken really has his sights set on recapturing Barbie’s heart.

As part of this campaign to spotlight Ken’s 50 years and get that iconic couple back together, Mattel has launched the website where visitors can vote on whether the couple gets back together or not. There is a TV show called Genuine Ken – The Search for the Great American Boyfriend, Ken has a profile on the grown ups dating site,, and most recently he was “spotted” buying cupcakes for Barbie in a swanky New York bakery.

From Ken’s PR firm:

Just as Ken’s valiant effort to win Barbie back heats up, photos have emerged of Ken visiting the original Magnolia Bakery on NYC’s Bleecker Street yesterday.

His Foursquare shows a check-in at 9:26 am this morning, adding: “I think I have a great idea to get @BarbieStyle’s attention. How about a personalized @magnoliabakery cupcake…”

A call to a Magnolia representative revealed that The Barbie Cupcake will be available for purchase in all Magnolia Bakery locations in NYC and LA starting this Friday, January 28th.

Ever the fashionisto, Ken was spotted in a black fedora, a light blue V-neck, dark jeans and white sneakers.

One Magnolia customer said, “He was saying the nicest things and you could tell he knows her really well. It seemed like they were made for each other.”

Continue to follow Ken’s journey to win Barbie back through the dolls’ Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts. Fans can also have a say in whether or not Barbie should take Ken back on

Where will we spot Ken next?

Just like there are many faces of Barbie, Ken has done just about everything and been just about everyone, too. Below are just a few of Ken’s looks!
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With as much fun as Mattel is having with Ken’s birthday, I can’t wait to see what they have in store next!