I have had quite a few requests to show Matilda the Tudor doll from A Girl for All Time in different clothes and as a modern girl.


Matilda woke up this morning not knowing whether she was still dreaming or not. Her life after leaving the castle was rather dull (which she was fine with), but luckily our imagination’s are pretty good. This morning Matilda is going to school. She is wearing the Afternoon Stroll outfit from Carpatina which is designed for 18″ slim body dolls like the Carpatina dolls, the retired Magic Attic dolls and the new Kidz ‘n Cats line. She isn’t sure if she is dreaming or not, because no one would really go to school without their shoes would they?

A girl for all time and carpatina

Matilda’s older sister Frances (played by Carpatina Erin) tells her not to worry about whether she is wearing shoes or not. She gets to sit in a real classroom and learn Math, do Creative Writing, and even do a Science experiment!

The queens treasures doll desk

Matilda is excited to be sitting at her desk with her folder, pencils and eraser. The desk is by The Queen’s Treasures and works well for Matilda, Erin and all our other 18″ dolls.

So, the Carpatina slim body outfit Matilda is wearing fits her nicely. The skirt slides on without any issue and looks to be made for her. The top is a teensy bit big, but doesn’t look awkward on her.

Stay tuned for more of Matilda’s Time Travel adventures!