Maplelea Winter Maple Cabin Collection

Can you say CUTE? Our Canandian friends, Maplelea have just added the most adorable collection to their site yet. The Maple Cabin collection features four different items that are all sold separately, but can be mixed and matched to make plenty of fun winter outfits for your dolls.

The new items include- click links for details:

This is the Maple Cabin Lodge set which is perfect for mixing and matching! It includes knitted sweater, knitted scarf (not shown), knitted mittens, quilted vest, trapper hat, Maplelea hanger, collectible journal page, and blank journal page for $40 which compared to what you get from American Girl lately, this is a really great value! I absolutely LOVE the crisp combination of red and white!

Maplelea Parka for dolls

Can I please have this Maple Cabin Parka in my size? The red is just perfect and I love the Maplelea logo on the shoulder!  For $29 you get the parka, ski pants, Maplelea hanger, collectible journal page, and blank journal page.

The Maple Cabin boots are white, fluffy and have pom poms and are sold separately for $11. Too cute!

Now for my favorite piece! The Toboggan!

From the Maplelea website: Using Canadian hardwood from responsible sources, the Maplelea wooden toboggan is a replica of the real thing. A family business near Waterloo, Ontario does it all! They harvest the timber, mill the wood, steam bend the slats and assemble the parts, just as they do for the full-size toboggans they make. Easy-to-use elastic loops fit around the doll’s wrists to hold her in place. Includes a journal page.


I really love that the Maplelea company is supporting Canadian businesses and really promoting Canadian culture with their line. The Maplelea clothes and accessories do fit American Girl and most other 18″ dolls. They do ship to the United States, but you have to call or email them with your mailing information and what you want to order to get a shipping quote. The Canadian dollar and US dollar are pretty close in value right now so even though the prices on the Maplelea website are in Canadian dollars, the conversion is almost one for one. The shipping cost may be your biggest challenge.