We stopped in at Michaels the other day on a hunt for a few things (like Christmas stockings for friends, knitting needles for me, etc) and had to stop by the Springfield Dolls area. Our Michaels has pretty much sold out of everything they have in the way of Springfield Dolls, but Natalie did spy one of her favorite outfits – the Dressy Outfit – and we had a 50% off coupon, so the outfit ended up being less than $5.00.

Springfield Dolls Madison

Springfield Dolls Madison’s new BFF, American Girl Gwen wanted to stop by and give Madison a gift today. Madison is dressed in the Dressy Outfit and she borrowed the AG doll’s shoes from the Winter Magic outfit. Gwen is wearing the Grand Ball Gown from My Pink Planet and has the stocking from the Cherry Chocolate Accessories set.

Both girls love their gifts as they swap presents outside their American Doll Room.

Madison and Gwen want to wish all their Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah as today is the first day of the celebration. Now they are going to head down to the American Doll Houses Ice Cream Shoppe to meet Kanani and some of their other friends to talk about how excited they are that McKenna Brooks will be moving in to their neighborhood in January!