The Madame Alexander doll company has a line of 18″ play dolls called Favorite Friends that they sell through their website and doll stores, but they also produce a few different lines of similar dolls and sell them through large retailers such as Target, Wal-mart and others. Last year they had the PlayWonder line at Target and a similar line at Wal-Mart, however this year I have not seen a new version at Target but a line called My Life As has shown up at Wal-Mart. Madelon was at Wal-Mart last week and took some photos of this new line for us.

My Life As Dolls from Madame Alexander at Wal Mart

The dolls have a very sweet, but distinctly Madame Alexander, face and come dressed as gymnasts and ballerinas.

My Life As Dolls from Madame Alexander at Wal Mart

Isn’t the ballerina sweet. While their faces have the typical Madame Alexander look, they have rounded them out a bit more making them much cuter in the process.

My Life As Dolls from Madame Alexander at Wal Mart

This little gymnast could pass as Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas, don’t you think?

The individual outfits sell for $9.99 and are cute.  Madelon commented that the pants were a bit hard to pull on the American Girl dolls, but the quality is good for ten dollars. They fit Journey Girls and Springfield Dolls a bit better.

The camping outfit is cute – the pants are a little snug on the American Girl dolls.

But it fits more comfortably on the Journey Girl dolls.

For $1.97, how cute are these beach sandals?

They have fabric covered horses for less than $20.

Never Grow Up also did a great review on the Wal Mart My Life As dolls – you can read her review here.

While I don’t expect the quality of these dolls and their accessories to be equal to American Girl or what I consider to be other top lines, but they do appear to be a good value for the price and a less expensive way to add on to an existing collection.

Thanks Madelon for taking the time to send these in!