What a treat!! One of our readers, Linda who is a teacher, gets Grandmother of the Year Award as far as I am concerned!  Linda, her granddaughters and their other Grandmother get together on a regular basis to play dolls, bond and learn about American History. Linda was kind enough to share some photos from a Colonial Tea Party they recently had.

In Linda’s words…

We did a Colonial Party….”What was it like when Felicity/Elizabeth were girls in 1774 America?” for our granddaughters and their dolls. Everyone had a mop cap. The dolls all got a Hornbook (Day 40 of 100 Days of Doll Play,) feather pen (Dollar store mask), ink well (Pony beans) and journal (using pages from the Doll Diaries printables.) We folded paper fans, tried to curtsy, rolled a hoop, did a craft with pressed flowers and wrote with a feather pen. It really works…. (get feathers at a craft store and ink from an art store.) Then we had a tea party with fancy sandwiches (PB&J, cut with a cookie cutter) and small cookies. Peach tea is good! Fun day for 6 girls, 9 dolls and 2 grandmas.

Linda's Colonial Tea Party

From L to R: Marie-Grace, Kit, Kirsten, Kit. The dolls had tea in their colonial dresses…. all home made by us from a craft fair. We made all the mop caps. The china tea set was my daughter’s. The “silver” pitcher and tea pot were Christmas tree ornaments at JoAnnes. The tea cakes were from the dollar aisle at Target,  placed on a pedestal plate…..a candle holder from the thrift store turned upside down. The serving bell was a souvenir from a trip.

Linda's Colonial Tea Party

From L to R: Julie, Felicity, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth with Bitty Baby Cupcake in their sister dresses. The girls are holding their fans on a hot day. They practiced their tea lesson.  A friend who does resale knows of our interests and found the candelabra for us. The table is a plant stand. The table cloth and napkins are left over fabric from the hats.

American Girl doll Kirsten

Kirsten pretends she’s a Colonial Girl, too, by the Betsy Ross flag of the USA. She has her Hornbook from Day 40 of 100 Days of Doll Play.

Thank you so much Linda for sharing these adorable photos with us. Your granddaughters are SOOOO LUCKY! What amazing memories you are creating with them.