One of the most popular dolls on the market in recent years is the Hearts for Hearts Girls. They are 14″ of total cuteness with a positive message for girls about helping others. Doll Diaries veteran contributor Lena (I think Lena has been contributing to the Doll Diaries conversation since at least 2009! ) has collected all of the Hearts for Hearts Girls so far, except Lauryce. Something tells me Lauryce will be added to her collection in time.

Hearts for Hearts Girls collection

From left to right – Tipi (Laos), Lilian (Belarus), Rahel (Ethiopia), Zelia (Brazil), Consuelo (Mexico), Nahji (India) and Dell (USA)

You can buy the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls at Target, Toys R Us, Amazon and other major toy stores. The dolls are about $28 (depending on where you get them).

Hearts for Hearts Girls Zelia

It looks like Lena’s Zelia has found a new friend!! In case you don’t know, that is Starburst the llama from American Girl of the Year, Chrissa’s collection.

Thanks so much to Lena for sending in these great photos and for being a member of our Doll Diaries community for so long – we are truly grateful to have you!!