One of our readers, Tarynn, took some photos of her dolls Lanie and Kanani to share. Tarynn followed the guidelines on our Get Featured page and now I am happy to share them with you!


We had a nice sunny day this week, and since Lanie has been begging for a nature walk with Kanani, we went outside and took pictures.

Kanani walking outside to meet Lanie.

Lanie holding a bouquet of flowers she found. The flowers are from a crabapple tree which is surprising because you wouldn’t expect a crabapple tree to have such pretty blossoms.

Kanani holding a dandelion she picked.

Lanie with another crabapple flower in her hair. This is one of my favorite Lanie pictures.

Exhausted, Lanie and Kanani lay down in the grass full of dandelions and crabapple flowers. You can kind of see the crabapple tree where I got the flowers from in the upper right corne.

Lanie and Kanani also had a picnic using Chrissa’s picnic treats.

Kanani’s outfit: Dress-Kanani’s Meet Outfit, Hairpiece-Kanani’s Swimsuit, Shoes-Kanani’s meet outfit.

Lanie’s outfit: Lanie’s Butterfly Outfit except for the flower, which, as I stated many times above, is from a crabapple tree.


Thanks Tarynn for sending these photos in – I like the last photo best! A nap in the sun looks like what I could use right now.