knitted-doll-clothes I love to see the crafty, creative side of our readers!  One of our readers, Quinlyn, sent in a photo of her Julie modeling some of the items she has knitted. I wanted to know more, so I asked Quinlyn a few questions about her creations:

Q: What patterns did you use or did you make your own?

A: The hat pattern came from Lion Brand Yarn, the ball pattern came from a knitting book I have, and the sweater pattern I got online, but I can’t remember where.

Q: What is the easiest piece to start with?

A: The easiest piece would have to be a scarf. They are pretty but simple!

Q: What would you tell our readers who want to knit things for their dolls but have never tried?

A: Knitting something for your dolls can be hard, but it is very enjoyable and worthwhile. I highly recommend knitting, so go down to your local craft store and pick up those needles, search for a pattern, and sit down and knit. You will feel so good when the thing you have been working on comes off the needles and you put it on your doll.

For more ideas check out all these doll clothes patterns. And as always, we love to showcase our readers dolls and their talents – send your photos to share at and we’ll add them here!